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The Ja Joint Story

The Ja Joint has been a three year development process thus far. I arrived in Australia in 2006 from the UK as a young traveller and fell in love with this country and an Australian quirky chap called Dylan.

My background in the UK mostly revolved around the base music media scene, which is always filled with Jamaican food. Growing up in the UK as an English – Jamaican I was lucky enough to be taught by my grandmother and aunties on how to cook traditional Jamaican food. From a child I was hooked on the unique balance of spices and flavours and what I knew is it took a great deal of effort to make this amazing food. Watching my family soaking the beans overnight, marinating overnight, watching the coconut rice n beans like a hawk e.t.c was all very well years ago, but certaintly didn’t fit in to modern day lifestyle.

As my options were limited, actually next to none when I arrived here, I decided to start to reignite my passion for jamaican food and replicate my families recipes.

The Ja Joint started to collaborate with reggae & base crews in Brisbane Champion Sound , Boss Sounds Praxis Australia, Dub Temple Records to create community fundraising events and regular Jamaican themed events. People loved the food and were intrigued by what Jamaican food is.

The catering events became larger and our biggest gig to date was Bluesfest in Byron Bay, where we were proudly serving 600 plus people a day, authentic Jamaican food. Was incredibly intense but a very proud moment for me and all the staff.

What I realised from this event, is I wanted to reach all Australians who love food and new cooking experiences. I wanted to inspire them to learn to cook an amazing cuisine which isnt very well known in Australia. I wanted to teach them how to cook Jamaican food at home with no fuss or ridiculous prep associated with it.

From this,  The Ja Joint brand was newly relaunched into a spice and sauce line that anyone can have access too. It’s very important to me that the brand is conscientious. The products are the very best we can give to people and they are all handmade in Australia by myself and my crew. On top of being environmentally friendly It’s also incredibly important to me that the brand is what I would call ‘Ego Friendly’ which to me means a brand which is ethically focused. Supporting what is close to my heart which is empowerment with disadvantaged indigenous  women. We have been working with a charity called IMP, Indigenous Marathon Project. This is an incredible charity that empowers indigenous men and women in remote communities to change their life through running. We are excited to say that as of January 2014 we will be donating a % profits of every sale to IMP.  This means that every customer is supporting these guys with much needed expenses when completely turning their lives around, which couldn’t make me happier.

So  that’s a wrap with a mini intro of what the brand is what we are about. We will be doing features on our staff so you can get to know them as we have some quirky crew on board all of which have extensive experience in the food industry in one way shape or form. From chefs, home cooks to chilli & slow cooked meat addicts, we all use our passions and collaborate to make the brand work and for you to get the best possible experience.

Bless Up  x

Carly & The Ja Joint Crew




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