In Ocho Rios, Jamaica one of our favourite food joints was Calabash Ital Rastarant. The owner Iwah Anderson was a ‘true’ rasta. No meat, no dairy, no alcohol and meditated daily.  He created an amazing food and cultural experience at his humble location tucked away from the main roads of Ocho Rios



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He served incredibly fresh traditional Jamaican vegan food and we ate there sometimes twice a day. For breakfast we would have coconut ackee, yams, curry chunks, callaloo, green bananas and plantain. As a meat lover too it was incredible how the food was so flavoursome and clean. Iwah and his chef Deli’s food knowledge far surpassed most normal cooking skills. Their extensive studies into foods that where introduced by man hundreds of years ago effected what they provided on the menu.

On top of the amazing food experience the place was also educational and provided free books on activists such as Marcus Garvey. Prominent leaders who fought for the rights of Jamaicans hundreds of years ago.  Iwah and Deli also made 100% natural medicines and potions that customers could buy ranging from shampoo to  natural viagra!

The energy of the place was amazing, it was like walking into the coolest food joint and a black history library all rolled into one. My mission the entire trip was to show the best restaurants and characters that Jamaica had to offer. Places that were not mentioned in ‘travel guides’ the real local heroes in Jamaica. I would highly recommend you visit this uber cool joint If you visit Ocho Rios and experience the amazing food and cultural trip they provide. Big ups! to Iwah & Deli at Calabash Ital Rastarant.

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