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Why we care about cultural diversity in Australia

Me and grandma Jamaica

In 2013, we told you our story up until then (which you can read here). Now almost two years later, we’d say it’s time to look back and see how far we’ve come since then.

The story of The Ja Joint starts in Saint Ann, Jamaica, where our founder, Carly Day’s, family settled and bought land in the 1930’s. The Ja Joint as inspired by Carly’s heritage, and is what led her to introduce authentic Jamaican food to Australians.

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We have had a lot of people requesting who is behind The Ja Joint as customers and supporters really  want to get to know all of our small team. In our last blog post we gave you insight into one of our crew members Alan Roberts who grows and makes our 100% Natural Habanero Hot Sauce.

Now it’s time for you to meet the brand creator Carly Day or as we call her ‘The Head Jerker’ …….

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We are collaborating with like minded food freaks to develop the brand into a community where we can showcase each persons skills. We all have one big passion, food, particulary Jamaican food.

We meet Alan Roberts a few years ago whilst collaborating with his ska event Boss Sounds in Brisbane. We found out quickly that we shared an addiction to Jamaican food and that Alan was a habanero grower.  Here we introduce to you Alan Roberts the man who goes nuts for habaneros!

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The Ja Joint Story

The Ja Joint has been a three year development process thus far. I arrived in Australia in 2006 from the UK as a young traveller and fell in love with this country and an Australian quirky chap called Dylan.

My background in the UK mostly revolved around the base music media scene, which is always filled with Jamaican food. Growing up in the UK as an English – Jamaican I was lucky enough to be taught by my grandmother and aunties on how to cook traditional Jamaican food. From a child I was hooked on the unique balance of spices and flavours and what I knew is it took a great deal of effort to make this amazing food. Watching my family soaking the beans overnight, marinating overnight, watching the coconut rice n beans like a hawk e.t.c was all very well years ago, but certaintly didn’t fit in to modern day lifestyle.

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Media Reviews

Cheers Map Magazine for The Weekend Edition write up for recommending us to Australia to all home cooks who want to cook damn good Jamaican food the simple way. Check out the write up here

Lizzie from Strayed Table  is an amazing forth generation farmer in Qld. She runs informative workshops about being sustainable and growing vegetables. She reviewed our addictive Jamaican bases and sauces. Check out her creations and feedback here

YAY! Its official our products have reached the top foodie buys for him The Urban List | Brisbane

Ezy Cook reviewed our Jamaican Jerk Chicken Rub & BBQ Sauce