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This week the winner of Taste of Harmony competition Sundtee from Target Gold Coast had three hours learning how to cook Jamaican food using our products. One of the things I love most about doing cooking classes is learning about other people’s cultural background, and the exchange of knowledeg and techniques  Sundtee’s background is Thai/Australian.

Jamaican Cooking
Jamaican Cooking Class #thejajointstyle

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We received some more love and support for our Jamaican products and free recipes that all our customers have access too ,from non other than The Foodologist, George Ujvary. George is an award winning food producer and food industry advocate based in Adelaide. His views are highly regarded Australia wide and we thank you for your honest experience of The Ja Joint brand. Here is our recipe, our products, his experience and in his words. Thanks George look foward to meeting you soon…

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We created our Jamaican seasonings & sauces to make your life easier when cooking. Our bases and sauces have been tested and perfected for three years to give you the most authentic Jamaican flavour without the effort.

You can jerk any meat, the jerk seasoning is mostly used on chicken, pork, seafood, and lamb in Jamaica. Just ensure the protein you use has the skin on and preferably on the bone. You can use our Jamaican Jerk Rub as a dry mixture which is more traditional, however the western palate is better suited to a wet marinade, which also gives a golden crispy skin to the meat, which is yummy.

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We made yummy homemade burgers using our products to show you how versatile our spice mixtures and products are.

We seasoned our sweet potato chips with our Jamaican Jerk Rub, added our awesome authentic jamaican curry base to our burgers and then topped off our burger with our seriously addictive 100% natural habanero hot sauce. All of these products you can purchase on our website and we are currently offering a discounted kit to save you $$$

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Jamaican Rice N Peas Recipe

Traditional Jamaican rice n peas requires 24 hour soaking and some processes which don’t exactly mirror the busyness of modern day life. The past couple of years The Ja Joint has catered at some big festivals around Australia. Anyone that has cooked rice on a large scale knows the complexity thats involved with cooking from 10 to 600 people. Adding Jamaican ingredients like coconut cream and beans/peas becomes even more of a challenge to get the best rice. Throughout this period we have developed the best way to cook this classic accompaniment factoring in a simpler and quicker version for you to cook at home using our products. Continue reading

Jerk Chicken

‘Lick ya lips’ Jamaican smoked meats….

Smoked Meat Heaven – Jamaican Style

It has been a while since we have used the steel drum for BBQ’s and after tasting the food we made last night, I am fully addicted to this style of cooking again. It really is the best way to cook meats, fish e.t.c and it really doesn’t take that much effort. There is no comparison cooking on a standard BBQ plate or grill, regardless of if you use or products or not. You must all try this!! Continue reading