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After the success of our first intimate cooking class and tribal gathering we have two super rad events coming up in Brisbane before our founder Carly Day heads over to the Caribbean for 2 months filming.  If you love food, music, rum and meeting new people you will love our community learning events.

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The Ja Joint Events

16th July – Jamaican BBQ Masterclass

23rd July –  Ja Jamaican in the suburbs with Discerning Palate

‘Rastacat Kitchen’ – Episode 2 Veganites

Good morning fellow homo sapians!

Check out our second episode of ‘Rastacat Kitchen’. A large amount of Rastafarians in Jamaica are strict vegans. I was lucky to sample of the best local vegan food in Jamaica last year and meet some the local dons and hero’s flying the flag for natural insanely good Jamaican food. Here is a western version of ‘Jamaican Vegan Bake’ I got shown in Ja last year.  Enjoy crew x


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‘Rastacat Kitchen’ – Episode 1

Following our teaser video we launched a couple of weeks back, here is our first video of our series ‘Rastacat Kitchen’ showing you how to use our Jamaican food products in every day cooking and entertaining.

For all you meat, lowNslow, spice lovers this is right up your alley.  To cook simple, yummy Jamaican food for your next get together we have launched our video with an online special to pick up our award winning Jamaican Jerk Box for $25 included free delivery Australia wide.  Offer ends in 5 days 19th June 2016.  Snap it up here

Stay Rasta , Stay Cool & enjoy our first episode of ‘Rastacat Kitchen’….

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#TheJaJointBus Weddings

Wedding Catering BrisbaneThe beautiful couple above Hughette & Chris booked The Ja Joint Bus for catering & music services on their wedding day. A blend of African & Australian cultures coming together!

Myself and the crew had an absolute blast cooking some dope Jamaican food on our retro 1950’s love bus, singing and adding to the pure energy that existed on the day! We wanted to share with you that energy check out the video at the bottom or on youtube

160319 Nathan Liana 0199

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Rastafarian Culture in Jamaica – The Ital Diet

Last year, we went back to Jamaica and got to experience the culture on which this whole brand is based. We ate at some of the best restaurants and got to experience the true, authentic Jamaica through food; most of our diet during our time there was vegan (AKA ital in Jamaican).

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Why we care about cultural diversity in Australia

Me and grandma Jamaica

In 2013, we told you our story up until then (which you can read here). Now almost two years later, we’d say it’s time to look back and see how far we’ve come since then.

The story of The Ja Joint starts in Saint Ann, Jamaica, where our founder, Carly Day’s, family settled and bought land in the 1930’s. The Ja Joint as inspired by Carly’s heritage, and is what led her to introduce authentic Jamaican food to Australians.

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Back to Basics: What is Jerk Chicken?


Picture it: Jamaica. You think of sun, sand and surf, right? The breeze in your hair as you live up the island life? You start to smell something in the air, the breeze has brought it to you… and it smells delicious.

Since launching The Ja Joint, we’ve given you countless recipes that anybody can make with our delicious products in their kitchen and their own backyard. We even send out free recipes with all of our kits! But there are still those who ask us what exactly Jerk Chicken is…  Continue reading



This week the winner of Taste of Harmony competition Sundtee from Target Gold Coast had three hours learning how to cook Jamaican food using our products. One of the things I love most about doing cooking classes is learning about other people’s cultural background, and the exchange of knowledeg and techniques  Sundtee’s background is Thai/Australian.

Jamaican Cooking
Jamaican Cooking Class #thejajointstyle

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